free audiovisual bilingual texts for greek language practicing

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The website multipedia is an open internet library of greek language audiovisual readers and a great meeting point for students, workers and donors of the greek language. Some of us, the workers, we are creating digital readers as auxiliary products for practicing the language. We are using the Greek literature as primary material for our work, and simply we add e small stone with our talent and knowledge contributing this way also ourselves in the propagation of the Greek language and of the Greek spirit in the world. Some others, the seventeen eponymous sponsors for every completed production project, donate discreetly the bread of the weeks to come to the families of the workers for the greek language, as a gift in return for the hours that they chose to dedicate to this public work, neglecting for a while the 'hunting' of every day's bread. Finally, the thousands of students of greel learning everywhere in the world, have now in their disposition an alternative method, and certainly for free, for practicing their ability to comprehend the greek logos, en verbal form as well as in writing. The multipedia innovative greek learning network, of the students, of the workers and of the sponsors, has as purpose the propagation of the greek language in the world, through beautiful narrations and well written translations but above all through the pleasant and understandable exploration through the wonderful world of the greek thought and of the greek art of logos. Simos Megalos, Madrid 21 September 2016